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Things No One Tells You About Menopause

Menopause is a challenging part of any woman’s life. This is a time of great physical and emotional roller coaster rides. While not everyone is thrilled about experiencing menopause, knowing what to expect can prepare you for the effects your friend is always warning you about — such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness and mood swings.

Preparing for what is to come can help give you a positive outlook on menopause, but what about those effects no one tells you about? It is true that there are various effects that are forgotten about or not even acknowledged when it comes to menopause. From increased health risks to emotional secrets, here are some menopause symptoms that are often left in the dark.

Your Sex Drive May Increase

Hormone levels will be one of the wildest roller coaster rides you’ll face during menopause. Fluctuating levels can leave you feeling like you never want to be touched again. But they can also reach an all-time high where you’ll feel yourself become more frisky than usual.

Many believe that sexual desire takes a plummet due to vaginal dryness, however taking supplements such as Femininity™ will help you maintain a healthy sex life.

Type 2 Diabetes Becomes a Risk

Unfortunately, Type 2 diabetes is the number four killer when it comes to women who are between the ages of 55 and 64. This is due to a combination of hormonal changes, a lack of exercise and not developing a well-maintained diet. The best way to decrease the risk is through healthy habits, specially eating and exercise.

Bad Hair Days Become Regular 

This is possibly one of the worst symptoms of menopause. With hormonal imbalances comes the thinning of your hair. The reason for this is estrogen levels begin to decline, while testosterone is being more easily converted to dihydrotestosterone.

This process leads to reduced blood flow to one’s hair follicles, inevitably making your hair thinner day by day. Vaginal dryness may be intimidating, but nothing scares people today like hair loss.

Hot Flashes Lead to Increased Anxiety 

Almost everyone has heard of hot flashes during menopause. However many don’t know that this can increase anxiety levels as well. The body releases adrenaline during a flash, leading to contraction of the arteries. In turn, this causes an unnerving feeling and increases your heart rate by eight to 16 beats.

It’s good to know about more than just vaginal dryness and mood swings during menopause. The more you know, the better you can prepare for any symptom you might face.


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