What It Means to Be a Woman

Gentle. Obedient. Feminine. Dainty. Crafty. These are all terms that fall into a category labeled, “What a woman is supposed to be.” The idea of what a woman should be has led to the belittling of half of the human population. Women are given constraints on how to think and how to behave. Then we must ask ourselves, “What does it mean to be a woman?”

The definition of what and who a woman is, is a fluid one. There should be no one, specific way to explain this wonderful, fierce person. All women have experiences in common, like vaginal dryness, but that doesn’t mean that all women should behave the same way.

Definitions Are Limiting

Giving a definition to the word “woman” is restricting and destructive. Once a definition is placed on the word, women all over the world feel the need to either fit the statement or they begin to feel ostracized. A woman does not need to be petite, jaw-droppingly gorgeous and a great cook. A woman can be whatever she wants to be—that is the beauty of being a woman.

Empower Each Other

Though it has been established that women should not be strictly defined or given restrictions on how to behave, there is one stipulation that is heavily encouraged by the female community. This ideal is that women should empower one another. It is hard enough to feel ostracized because of gender stereotypes or simply due to the constant loss of confidence while comparing of themselves to others.

No woman needs to feel inferior to another. Therefore, women should build each other up, not only feel equal among men but among each other. Instead of walking past a woman who you are not incredibly fond of and ignoring her, compliment her. This compliment doesn’t have to be about her outfit, but compliment her intelligence or how she handled a situation the other day.

You Are Relatable

Women go through a lot of the same issues. Whether you are feeling discouraged because of your unequal pay at your job or your vaginal dryness, odds are, another woman is facing the same issues. Embrace the idea that you have so many people who undergo the same uncomfortable issues, like vaginal dryness, that you do.

You cannot define what a woman is. A woman is whatever she manifests and wants to be. Recognize similarities, like possible vaginal dryness and respect and empower one another.

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