Why Do I Have a Dry Vagina?

It’s an embarrassing topic for people to talk about, but many women in their 20s and 30s experience vaginal dryness. Most often this issue is thought to happen only to women when they hit menopause, but it can also happen earlier in life for many different reasons. Here are some reasons as to why younger women may be experiencing feminine dryness.

Medications such as: allergy and cold medicines, antidepressants and asthma can cause issues for younger women. These medications have the potential side effect of vaginal dryness because they are antihistamines, which is intended to dry out your body.

Autoimmune Disorders
Sjögren’s Syndrome is an autoimmune disorder that attacks your moisture-making glands. This is rarer for younger females to get, but it is still an issue. This autoimmune disorder can affect your tear and saliva glands, along with your vagina. This is a heredity disorder and is nine times more likely to occur in women.

Your body is very picky on what you put down there. You might be allergic to a laundry soap and not know it, and it could be hurting your lady parts. Harsh soaps also irritant your vagina. Try to avoid soaps that have strong scents. Definitely avoid douching. It ruins the PH balance of your vagina, plus, your vagina is self-cleaning – so quit wasting money on things that hurt you.

Insufficient Arousal
Sometimes you just aren’t feeling it. Maybe you are distracted by work or life, that’s okay. Don’t force it, just take it slow. Insufficient arousal can lead to painful sex and nobody wants that. Get some proper foreplay in and then get down to business.

Birth Control
Birth control can mess with your hormones. IUDs are surgically implanted into your uterine wall. One side effect of these implants is that it dries your vagina’s natural moisture.
There are many reasons why younger women can experience dryness. Luckily, there are supplements to counteract this unfortunate event.



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