Why Soap Doesn’t Fix Vaginal Dryness

Why Soap Doesn’t Fix Vaginal Dryness

If you’re going through menopause and are experiencing vaginal dryness, you might be experiencing pain and discomfort “down there” — especially during sex. There are a variety of methods for alleviating this pain, but soap isn’t one of them. Instead, you should try taking Femininity. Our Omega 7 Vaginal Moisture supplement is a natural moistener for the epithelial tissue in your body, including your vagina.

Soap Worsens Vaginal Dryness

The problem with soap is that it adds to vaginal dryness. While using soap, you clean away all the natural “juices” the body produces to keep things lubed up and ready to go. Even for women not going through menopause, soap can be an agent that leads to vaginal dryness. Your body should naturally clean out the vagina without the use of soap, unless you’re going through menopause.

Soap Doesn’t Affect Menopause

Women going through menopause experience dryness because the ovaries stop producing estrogen. This is part of the menopause process that all women eventually go through. There is nothing that soap can do to remedy this. In most cases, soap just makes matters worse — don’t get confused here. You can use soap like you normally would in the shower, just avoid lathering up down below.

Hormone Treatment Shouldn’t Be Your First Option

Increasing the estrogen in your body can also be risky. Most women would prefer to not use hormones to treat their menopause. Luckily, there is Femininity to save the day.

Femininity is a completely natural supplement that doesn’t use estrogen hormones to solve your dryness problem. Its primary ingredient is Himalayan Sea Berries which are incredible sources of Omega-7 because of the harsh climate they survive in. These Omega-7 powerhouses do wonders against vaginal dryness.

Femininity Can Help

Put the soap down and stop trying to wash your problems away. Instead, order Femininity today. Just take two pills daily by mouth and start feeling the rejuvenating, moistening effects. Even if you've already "tried it all", Femininity has worked even after others have failed, including prescriptions. 

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