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Will Going Through Menopause With Your Friends Make It Better?

Friends are there for you at all times. From relationship problems to when you don’t know what to wear on your night out, this group has always got your back.

Who says they have to stop acting out their best friend duties when you go through menopause? It’s probable you are even going through this challenging time together. What better time to bond than over vaginal dryness and night sweats?

Comparing Stories

Gossiping is second nature to a lot of women. We as women can talk for hours about what that Nancy from yoga was doing grocery shopping in sweatpants or what Kanye did to Kim K. Just because you age doesn’t mean the gossip halts.

While going through menopause, you are full of emotions and are often more high-strung than usual (just blame the menopause). This means there are a million times a day where you just want someone to feel your pain. Your BFF’s are perfect for this. You can listen to each other’s stories and be the one person who actually understands.

Complaining to Each Other

Menopause symptoms aren’t fun. That’s common knowledge. But with your friends by your side experiencing the same things, you can at least get substantial amounts of complaining in to each other.

Some say that complaining never accomplishes anything. Well those people obviously had never had a person to confide in when going through the transitional time that is menopause. It’s only your best friend with whom you can talk about vaginal dryness and painful intercourse with. With your friends, you can even make a game out of it and try to see who had it worse with their symptoms — it’s the little things.

Having a spouse is also an option, but honestly males don’t know anything when it comes to menopause and the mysteries of the female body. Having best friends to hang around with during menopause takes the cake on sufficient methods of survival during menopause.

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